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Drug free medical centre

Bioregulatory Practice

Clinical application is geared towards those with existing health problems and regenerative treatments protocols are indicated. Prevention and stress release are conceived for strengthening health and preventing manifestation of illnesses and preventative treatments are indicated on a monthly basis.

Laboratory Analysis are used for evaluation of nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxicities, oxidative stress and similar analysis. Conventional tests are used in cooperation with 'The Doctors Laboratory', whilst more complex, non conventional tests are ordered from 'The Genova Diagnostics' and 'Biolab' laboratories, located in nearby Harley Street area, which are specialised for testing environmental toxicities, allergies and other preventive tests for early indicators of pre-disease development.

Clinical approach to patients is based on methodical clinical creation of the protocols that address faulty selfregulatory systems:

usaflag   Psychological Health  -  optimisation of mental processing, improvement of emotional management and positive redefinition of beliefs and perception.

usaflag   Physiological Health   -  metabolic balancing, detoxification, regulation of microbiome and microcirculatory parameters.

usaflag   Postural Health  -  increasing psycho-somatic awareness, tissue control and improving co-ordination and gravity axis.

usaflag   Structural Health   -  regulation of musculoskeletal and connective tissues, neural entrapments, fluids stasis and visceral misalignment.

usaflag   Nutritional Health   -  regulation of nutritional deficiencies, toxicities and dietary recommendations.

usaflag   Bioenergetic Health   -  realignment of bioresonance, quantum biofield and energetic points and meridians.

usaflag   Environmental Health   -  prevention and protection from environmental health disruptors.