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Drug free medical centre

Bioregulatory Treatments

Health Building Therapeutic Policy

Each treatment is a new experience focused around boosting one's inner health resources, and on facilitating personal development. All bioregulatory treatments are process-oriented. Regardless to whether you are choosing regenerative, preventative or aesthetic bioregulation, please note that strengthening physical and psychological weaknesses call for a full devotion to your therapeutic process, and willingness to accept personal responsibility for your health.

The Nature of Bioregulatory Therapeutic Process

Bioregulatory therapy is a drug-free therapeutic process that is led by experienced physicians, who are qualified in alternative and complementary medicine. The objective of initial bioregulatory treatment is to establish a personalised status of constitutional and acquired weakness, which defines specificities of oncoming treatment protocol; where follow-up regenerative, preventative or aesthetic treatments aim to bioregulate detected imbalances more

Frequency and Cost of Bioregulatory Treatments

An average time span between two regenerative treatments is one week, while most of the preventative and aesthetic treatments are given on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Each bioregultory treatment costs £160 and lasts for one hour.

Guidelines for Receiving Bioregulatory Treatments

All Biomedic treatments are based on your active participation during and in between therapeutic sessions. Trust, honesty, commitment and willingness to accept personal responsibility for your health are the essential preconditions for successful Biomedic therapy...please read more before your first appointment

Testimonials and Press Releases

" son, now 14 years old, has been visiting Biomedic for regular treatments for over 1o years now. Despite his condition he has surpassed all our expectations and has secured a scholarship to study at his school. As a family we have all become 'Biomedicians'. With regular treatments within our own tailor-made programme we have combated our individual health issues. We have also learnt to understand the detailed mechanisms within our bodies and how to regulate diet, supplement mineral deficiency, improve our emotional and spiritual lives, and minimise the physical effects of getting older." Resurgence and Ecologist, Sept. 2013, 'A Human Biosystem' more

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