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Drug free medical centre


Patients' Testimonials

"...My eczema steadily improved until it disappeared. What they did was to take away the layers of problems that over the years had built up; like peeling an onion, until they got to the core where they could make a difference..."
extract from 'A system that integrates drug free therapies' - The Times (November 1999)

"...My son, now 14 years old, has been visiting Biomedic for regular treatments for over 10 years now...Despite his condition he has surpassed all our expectations and has secured a scholarship to study at his school. As a family we have all become 'Biomedicians', With regular treatments within our own tailor-made programme we had combat our individual health issues..."
extract from 'A Human Biosystem' - Resurgence & Ecologist (September 2013)

"...while at the Biomedic Centre in central London, practitioners are offering what they refer as the Natural Facelift, using the mixture of these techniques...Our tester says: The lines across my forehead disappeared for days and my skin looked plump." extract from 'The New Botox' - ELLE (November 2009)

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Students' Testimonials

"...Just a little note to thank you very much for this course (postgraduate course in Bioregulatory Medicine). It is so exciting and interesting, so enlightening what you're teaching, so much what I have been looking for that it is just pure pleasure to listen..."
Dr Isabel Bond, MD

" course (postgraduate course in Bioresonance Medicine) was extremely interesting and I learned a great deal more than I expected...I can also state that it was a true privilege to study at your school...I wrote an article about Bioregulatory Medicine in one of the leading Alternative Web in Iceland, heilsurhingurinn, hoping to wake up interest in this field in Iceland. I can truly recommend your school for professionals."
Valdemar Gisli Valdemarsson - Bioresonance Practitioner

"I went to see an optician today, and he told me that my short sightedness is now much less; not by a small margin, but the difference from last time is very significant... To summarise, my eyesight has improved from -4.5 to -2.75 and -3.75 to -2.25 in right and left eyes respectively...Good luck all of you with your bioregulatory protocol for vision improvement, the exercises really work!"
Bester Chamboko - Nurse who completed a weekend seminar in Bioregulatory Ophthalmology.

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