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"By integrating medicine, I mean the kind of care that integrates the best of new technology and current knowledge of ancient wisdom. More specifically, perhaps, it is an approach to care for the patient which includes mind, body and spirit and which maximises the potential of conventional and complementary approaches in the process of healing."

        His Royal Highness
       The Prince of Wales

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Drug free medical centre


British Homeotherapeutic Formulary (BHF)

British Homeotherapeutic Formulary, edited by Dr Damir A Shakambet, is the first compendium of nanopharmacological bioregulating medicines. BHF is provided with detailed descriptions of function, indication, and recommended dosages, with an introduction to Bioregulatory Medical principles.


       "In its form and function this book is a parallel volume to the British National       Formulary, and should therefore sit alongside in all doctors and health practitioners       bookshelves." Dr Michael Kirkman, MD (1937-2013)

Preventative Nutrition

Preventative Nutrition is the first booklet of the Bioregulatory Series of works written by Dr Tatyana Bosh on applied bioregulation.


       Preventative Nutrition is available exclusively for patients receiving bioregulatory       treatments, and students enrolled on courses and seminars in Bioregulatory       Medicine.