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Bioregulatory Psychosomatic Bodywork Courses, UK

The course in Bioregulatory Psychosomatic Bodywork teaches doctors and CAM therapists how to improve health by means of manual support of psychosomatic homeostatic mechanisms. This intensive five days introductory course in psychosomatic patient management also includes additional fifteen hours of post-course supervision, tutorials, and a qualification exam, offering healthcare providers a new methodology for professional development, attracting 50 CPD points. Graduates receive a certificate from the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine, which makes them eligible to register with the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM), and to become members of British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) and International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine. Graduates are also eligible to apply for a practice insurance provided by Balens - a specialist for insuring health practitioners and more...

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Course Description: Intensive five-day certificate postgraduate course Venue: Biomedic Centre, 23 Manchester Street, London W1
Time: 10.00 am ‑ 6.00 pm
Maximum number: 6 participants
Course Leader: Dr Tatyana Bosh MD
Fee: £ 2,850

Eligibility and Assessment Criteria

• The course in Psychosomatic Bioregulatory Bodywork is of a post-graduate nature, intended for already qualified therapists. Each prospective participant is expected to send professional CV and filled in an application form.

• Interview is an obligatory prerequisite for all prospective participants, who are expected to have a pleasant, confident and empathetic personality; and an ability to establish a quality of therapeutic rapport.

• All chosen candidates will receive pre-course reading list to timely prepare for this course.

International Courses in Psychosomatic Bodywork

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Psychosomatic Bodywork Treatment

Psychosomatic Bodywork is an all-integrated manual methodology of Bioregulatory Medicine. The method was developed by Dr Tatyana Bosh, MD to detect and release structural resistances, including: skeletal misalignments, muscular spasms, fascial restrictions, neural entrapment, poor joint mobility, spasms of visceral organs, stagnation of lymph or cerebrospinal fluid and venous stasis. Since those corporal restrictions represent somatic equivalents of unprocessed experiences, an additional therapeutic indication for Psychosomatic Bodywork is in prompting psychotherapeutic resolutions by activating therapeutic somatopsychic more

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“...Thank you so much for the session on Wednesday. I feel as if my body has received a new battery and I am recharged. Remarkable. You really have great skill and expertise. Thank you again. "
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Press Release

Dr Bosh writes about Psychosomatic Bodywork, Townsend Letter, June 2014
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