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Dr T Bosh talks about Bioregulatory Prevention and Presomatic Syndrome


"All psychological experiences get incorporated. Negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs are structured into spasms and tension of the musculoconnective system, turning any unprocessed or suppressed psychological conflict into very specifically coded body language, a form of tissue memory that shapes and defines people's structural expressions and patterns of tension. This is the essence of psychosomatisation"
Dr T. Bosh, MD

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Preventative Bioregulatory Treatment

Strenghtening and Generating Health

Preventative Bioregulatory Medicine strengthens health and prevents the manifestation or advancement of disease. It treats constitutional and acquired weaknesses by addressing multiple self-regulating psychological and physiological mechanisms. This includes professional monitoring and early detection of risk factors, health disruptors and potential health problems, as well as providing carefully personalised health boosting therapeutic strategies. People mostly choose to undergo preventative treatment when they are under stress and in need of a radical change in lifestyle, when they are unhappy with the general condition of their health, when they are convalescent or have completed their regenerative treatment to prevent relapse. Others, who are interested in personal development and health building are using preventative bioregulation to invest in their already healthy condition, towards achieving their maximum potentials.

Therapeutic Indications

Preventative Biomedic Treatments aim to strengthen all aspects of health to further empower each individual. Apart from primary therapeutic indications of health-building and medically guided prevention, preventative bioregulation also has a curative capacity. It is particularly effective in treatment of multifactorial, dysfunctional and psychosomatic conditions. Most commonly encountered and successfully treated conditions by Preventative Bioregulatory Medicine include:

Health Building and Personal Development for strengthening psycho-physical health
Transitional Stages in Life such as convalescence, puberty, pregnancy or menopause
Stress Related Conditions e.g. anxiety, depression, muscular aches and insomnia
Presomatic Syndrome referring to early functional disturbances
Painful Conditions including headaches, backaches, joint aches and period pains
Drug Resistant Conditions typically Fibromyalgia, IBS, and ME (chronic fatigue)
Prevention and Early Diagnosis of inflammatory, degenerative and malignant conditions more

Preventative treatments are usually taken on fortnightly or monthly bases, unless otherwise specified or preferred. All Biomedic therapists are experienced physicians, additionally qualified in a variety of naturopathic medical methodologies to meet the standards of Bioregulatory Medical Doctors.

Preventation and Early Diagnosis

Dr Shakambet has developed an algorithm based bioregulatory approach, which ascertains detection of highest probability for inflammatory, degenerative and malignant pathogenesis more

Presomatic Syndrome

Dr Bosh introduced the term Presomatic Syndrome (PSS) to define early stages of any disease formative process; where psycho-physiological function is already affected, but conventional tests show 'all clear' results since somatic manifestations of any specific disease are still absent. PSS is the state where harmonious metabolic processes have already been disrupted or perturbed, with consequent involvement of compensatory mechanisms. It typically results in tendencies towards hyperfunction, hypofuction or dysfunction. Within the context of an evolution of any pathological process, PSS represents the 'last preventative call' - demanding immediate bioregulatory therapeutic measures. Presomatic Syndrome manifests as a more

Bioregulatory Psychosomatic Bodywork

Psychosomatic Bodywork is a holistic manual methodology of Bioregulatory Medicine. The method was developed by Dr Tatyana Bosh, MD to detect and release structural resistances, including: skeletal misalignments, muscular spasms, fascial restrictions, neural entrapment, poor joint mobility, spasms of visceral organs, stagnation of lymph or cerebrospinal fluid and venous stasis. Since those corporal restrictions represent somatic equivalents of unprocessed experiences, an additional therapeutic indication for Psychosomatic Bodywork is in prompting psychotherapeutic resolutions by activating one's individual therapeutic somatopsychic process more

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Testimonials and Press Releases

"...I feel very grateful to you for helping me get well enough to start on my marriage and motherhood journey. Also for some very wise words that helped me manage the early days and challenges of my relationship...Very best wishes - Richenda"

"...Thank you so much for the session on Wednesday. I feel as if my body has received a new battery and I am recharged. Remarkable. You really have great skill and expertise. Thank you again. Tony."

"Bioregulatory Psychosomatic Bodywork: Generating Health Via the Body's Own Communication System..."                                                                                                      Townsend Letter, 2014 more

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