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biomedicine: a pictorial representation

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Yugo Refugee Project
Helping refugees from the former SFR Yugoslavia, a project supported by the Mind Millenium Award (MS Word document)


"...I went to see an optician today, and he told me that my short sightedness is now much less; not by a small margin, but the difference from last time is very significant...To summarise, my eyesight has improved from -4.5 to -2.75 and -3.75 to -2.25 in right and left eyes respectively... Good luck all of you with your bioregulatory protocol for vision improvement, the exercises really work!" B. Chamboko, nurse

."When I did the eye seminar, at first my eyes got watery and felt a bit strained for a moment, but than I can see clearly straight away!" A . Barclay, age 11

"Definitely the biggest positive shock of my life - it was like a miracle! Half through the practical part of the seminar, I was able to see with my week eye what I have never been able to see before in my life!" L. Pissaro; artist, age 46

"Vision is much better - no need even for pinholes!!! No straining, nor eye tiredness at all!!!" M. C. de Melo; DNMed, age 54

"An amazing experience! I can already see so much better and colors!!! I have got that feeling of wellbeing again, you know what I mean - smiling a lot, talking nice to everyone..." T. Kebo; age 48, business women

Press release

Townsend letter, May 2012
Dr Bosh writes about the
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CAM Magazine, January 2012
Simon's Martin writes about bioregulatory ophthalmology
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Drug free medical centre

Bioregulatory Ophthalmology Courses, UK

Bioregulatory Ophthalmology course teaches general public, doctors, CAM therapists and other health providers how to improve their eyesight without using glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. Bioregulatory Programme for Visual Improvement is particularly recommended for the correction of refractive errors, such as short-sightedness (myopia) and long-sightedness (hyperopia). Lectures are interspersed with teaching practicum, as the emphasis of the course is put on the interactive practical work. All participants are provided with personal exercise tools and comprehensive study manuals, containing a detailed explanation of drills and protocols for visual more

Course Specification

This intensive weekend certificate course may optionally get extended for health providers, to include additional 6 hours of post-course supervision, tutorials, and qualification exam, offering 20 CPD and an additional methodology that adds a new dimension to their practice. Graduates receive Certificates from Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine with insurance to practice learned methodology.


Course: Intensive weekend certificate course
Course leader: Dr T Bosh
Venue: Biomedic Centre, 23 Manchester Street, London W1
Maximum number: 10 participants
Fee for general public: £ 650
Fee for health providers: (including additional six hours of tutorials, teaching clinic and exam):£ 950
Additional Personal Biomedic Treatment:both fees include one hour of vision improving bioregulatory treatment by Dr Bosh, to be arranged after completion of the course.

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International Courses in Bioregulatory Medicine

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Case History

M.B. a 20 year old patient with bilateral myopia, wearing glasses and contact lenses since the age of seven, came to see me in early 2010, regarding the improvement of her vision. The initial allopathic medical assessment confirmed a refractory error of -2.0 dioptres on the left eye, and -2.75 dioptres on her right more