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Drug free medical centre

Biomedic Clinic

The Biomedic Clinic specialises in Bioregulatory Medicine, delivering a drug-free Bioregulatory System of Healthcare. It provides regenerative, preventative and aesthetic bioregulatory treatments to the general public. The clinic also acts as a teaching clinic for the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine.

Bioregulatory Medical Doctors

Biomedic Clinic is run by experienced physicians additionally qualified in a variety of naturopathic medical methodologies to meet the standards of Bioregulatory Medical Doctors.

Opening Hours

The Biomedic Clinic is located in central London, and has easy access for wheelchairs.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00.

Clinical Treatments

Health Building Therapeutic Policy
The Nature of Bioregulatory Therapeutic Process
Frequency and Cost of Bioregulatory Treatments
Guidelines for Receiving Bioregulatory Treatments

Testimonials and Press Release

"My eczema had been getting worse despite all the people I had seen about it. I used to go to a Chinese doctor, who would make me all kinds of medicines that would suppress the eczema for a while. Five years ago something triggered it and it got much worse. I spent thousands of pounds on homoeopathy, acupuncture and skin therapists, I went on a diet, which involved eliminating wheat from my diet, and I was put on a huge course of steroids. I went down to nine stone and lost 60 per cent of my hair. I couldn't even shower - it was like being burnt. I looked like the Singing Detective. My consultant said that I had to take a further course of steroids, be on a drip in hospital for two weeks and that I'd be on medication for the rest of my life. But my body had rejected the steroids before and I don't think I could have taken any more. Some friends mentioned Tatyana and Damir. I had tried everyone in the country and thought I might as well try them too... I saw them intensively for three months, twice a week...My eczema steadily improved until it disappeared... Now if I have an itch, I know how to deal with it myself to make it go away. I don't even get colds."
- extract from The Times, Nov. 1999 Gary Spratling, who had suffered from chronic eczema for ten years before visiting the Biomedic in 1995 more

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