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Hallmarks of Bioregulatory Medicine

usaflag   Health Building Approach: Bioregulatory Medicine shifts the emphasis from diagnosis and treatment of disease towards facilitating and strengthening individual health.

usaflag   Integrated Approach: Although Bioregulatory Medicine further builds on the achievements of evidence-based medicine, it places medical sciences within the concept of Open Systems Theory and Systems Biology, linking them with traditional CAM medicines and new medical approaches, such as Epigenetics or Psychosomatic Medicine.

usaflag   Homeostatic Approach: The primary objective of Bioregulatory Medicine is to support and regulate homeostasis, or self-regulatory mechanisms; as they have an inherent capacity to restore individual health. Being an interdisciplinary meta-system of homeostatic medicine, the bioregulatory approach also explores auto-regulatory correlations between psychological, physiological, structural, postural, biochemical, and bioenergetic conditions of patients.

usaflag   Multifactorial Approach: Instead of a conventional linear approach, Bioregulatory Medicine favours a multifactorial therapeutic approach, to match an open-flow of bio-information within living systems. Essential to the assessment is an identification of health disruptors specific for each patient, where treatment is then devised to therapeutically counteract their cumulative and toxo-synergistic impact.

usaflag   Systems Approach: Rather than choosing 'one disease-one etiology' approach, Bioregulatory Medicine views disease as an imbalance of systems network. It matches the human open biological system to facilitate an optimal flow of bio-information along psycho-physiological networks.

usaflag   Process Approach: Bioregulatory treatment is a therapeutic process that aims to rehydrate, re-mineralise, detoxify, re-energise, restore a patient's specific structural resistances and postural misalignments, and provide psychotherapeutic support and guidance necessary for resolutions of inner conflict or for personal development.

usaflag   Personalised Approach: Bioregulatory treatments are based on an evaluation of each bioindividuality and within the context of therapeutic probabilities. A patient's specific pathological predisposition is defined as an algorithm of all detected external and internal health disrupting factors, such as disturbed genome, lifestyle, diet, postural, structural, psychological, environmental or cultural specificities.

usaflag   Clinical and Educational Approach: Demonstrates daily therapeutic effectiveness of preventative and regenerative healthcare, both in theory and in practice.