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"Unless we change individually no one is going to change collectivly. For generatations we have been waiting for the other person to change first. We must be the change we wish to see. A change of heart can not be legislated. It must come out of conviction."

Biomedic Foundation

                                         Registered 1996 in England and Wales, reg. No.1052731


The Biomedic Foundation or Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine is a medical research and educational charity, registered in England and Wales (1052731). Originally established in 1995 as 'Medical Refuge', the charity changed its name to 'Biomedic Foundation' in early 2001, and extended its constitution and mission to cater for a much larger objective and provding educational platform for a Bioregulatory medicine worldwide.

Education in Bioregulatory Medicine

The foundation now runs an Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine and the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, which are currently setting clinical and educational standards for Bioregulatory Medicine in the UK and abroad, while providing regular courses and seminars on the topic of bioregulation worldwide.
For more information regarding courses and seminars run by the Foundation, please visit Bioregulatory Society.

Contribution or Donation

We trust that you are aware of how the Foundation's contribution towards a more humanistic and health-centered system of medicine may have a positive impact on raising the quality of public health and lifestyles in general. It is for these reasons that we are appealing to you to contribute any knowledge, ideas or donations that you feel would be helpful in assisting the charity to achieve this mission. Your help will be highly appreciated and donations used towards developing a greater benefit for all members of society.
For more information regarding Biomedic Foundation please visit its website.