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Recent Features

Townsend Letter, June 2014
Dr Bosh writes about Bioregulatory Psychosomatic more

Homeopathy in Practice, June 2014
Dr Bosh writes about the history of Bioregulatory more

Resurgence & Ecologist, January 2014
Dr Shakambet writes about the need for a new system of more

Resurgence & Ecologist, September 2013
James Graham writes about his experience of Bioregulatory more

ICNM Journal, July 2013
Dr Shakambet writes about his experiences of bringing Bioregulatory Medicine to South more

CAM Magazine, September 2012
Dr Shakambet writes This Way for Integration: The Rise of Bioregulatory more

Townsend Letter, May 2012
Dr Bosh writes about Eyesight more

ICNM Journal, March 2012
Bioregulatory Medicine - Another Dimension by Dr more

CAM Magazine, January 2012
Simon Martin's article about Bioregulatory more

Townsend Letter Magazine, January 2011
Bioregulatory Health System explained by Dr more

Prima, September 2010
Dr Shakambet explains his natural alternative to a surgical facelift, the more

ELLE, November 2009
Kate Mulloy writes about more

ICNM Journal, September 2009
Prevention is better than Cure by Dr Damir Shakambet interviewed by more

Irish Times, June 2008
Sylvia Thompson explains the biomedic drug-free medical more

The Times, November 1999, by Lucy Hawking
Stephen Hawking's daughter describes a system that integrates drug-free more
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