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"...Biofacelift opened my eyes and mind on how the body, the derm, happily and fantastically responds to this naturopathic protocol... I have been happily surprised to see results appearing within 2-3 weeks...“
Dr I Martineau, MD

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“...while at the Biomedic Centre in central London, practitioners are offering what they refer as the Natural Facelift, using the mixture of these techniques…Our tester says: The lines across my forehead disappeared for days and my skin looked plump.” ..."
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Biofacelift Courses, UK

Biofacelift is an intensive three-day theoretical and practical certificate course for physicians, therapists and health providers; who wish to learn more about bioregulatory methodologies for facial skin rejuvenation. It offers an additional methodology for professional development, adding a new dimension to one's medical practice. The course attracts 50 CPD points.
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Course: Intensive three days certificate course
Venue: Biomedic Centre, 23 Manchester Street, London W1
Date: 14th to 16th of July 2017
Time: 10.00 am ‑ 6.00 pm
Maximum number: 10 participants
Course Leader: Dr Damir A Shakambet MD
Fee: £ 1,390

Additional pre-course reading preparation and 20 hours of post-course supervision, tutorials and qualification exam are inclusive.

Post-Course Qualifications

Each graduate will receive a Certificate in Biofacelift by the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine, and makes it eligible for membership of the British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine. Further developement with Diploma courses within the accredited and affiliated programmes would also make it eligible for membership with the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) and its Membership to the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) Practice insurance is provided by Balens, a specialist for insuring health practitioners and organisations.

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• University Degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Life Science
• Nursing or Dental Nursing Qualification
• Qualification in Homeopathy, Nutrition, Acupuncture or Dry Needling
• Professional Beauty NVQ Level 3 plus 5 years of relevant experience

Requirements and Assessment

All students must have a pleasant and confident personality, with refined sense of touch and the ability to establish a discreet and empathic relationship with clients. The obligatory prerequisite for all pprospective participants: CV, application and an interview.

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All students will receive pre-course reading list to timely prepare for the course. Students assessments is based on observing their practical work, written multiple choice test, coursework portfolio with 20 hours of case studies during post course period, and final exam.


Dr Damir A Shakambet MD
Dr Sangeeta Sahi MD
Dr Laurence Bridot (Pharm.)
Dr Tatyana Telnikoff MD

Course Programme

• Anatomy and physiology of skin and facial structures
• Cosmetic dermatology
• Skin assessment and ageing classification
• Mesotherapy technique
• Aesthetic homeomesotherapy and meso-rolling protocols
• Contemporary electroporation techniques
• Sterilisation techniques and intradermal applications
• Facial isometric muscular techniques
• Topography of facial acupuncture points and methods of application
• Facial lymphatic drainage massage by Vodder
• Safety and infection control
• Professional conduct and legislation

International Biofacelift Courses

For all our international Biofacelift courses and seminars please visit:        

Biofacelift Treatment

Biofacelift is a holistic bioregulatory methodology for skin rejuvenation. The method was developed by Dr Damir A Shakambet MD to offer a healthy alternative or complement to aggressive aesthetic surgical procedures and botox. Biofacelift specialises in regenerating tired and aging skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, pigmentations, swellings or inflammation. It stimulates the skin’s inherent capacity to repair damaged tissue and restore its elasticity, firmness and tonicity, which gives facial expression a healthy and radiant glow. Biofacelift removes the negative impact of metabolic and environmental stressors, prompts detoxification of skin and stimulates fibroblasts and cellular enzymes towards increased production of collagen. Optimal therapeutic results usually require between 5-8 weekly sessions, with occasional boosters. more about the method