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Education in Bioregulatory Medicine

Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine (ABM) in cooperation with International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine (ISBM) organises and runs education in Bioregulatory Medicine in UK and abroad; under umbrella of medical educational charity Biomedic Foundation.

Education is provided in form of long courses of postgraduate nature, and short courses and seminars. All courses and British and International Societies for Bioregulatory Medicine (ISBM), and offered practice insurance by Balens - a specialist for insuring members of the British Society for Bioregulatory Mediucine.

...This course was extremely interesting and I learned a great deal more than I expected… I wrote an article about Bioregulatory Medicine in one of the leading Alternative Web in Iceland, Heilsurhingurinn, hoping to wake up interest in this field in Iceland. I can truly recommend your school for professionals."
Valdemar Gísli Valdemarsson, CAM Practitioner

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Postgraduate Courses

One year Postgraduate course in Bioregulatory Medicine is run at the Biomedic Centre annually.

Short Courses and Seminars


Bioregulation of Eyesight: Bioregulatory Ophthalmology

Bioregulatory Psychosomatic Bodywork

International Courses and Seminars

For all international courses and seminars in Bioregulatory Medicine please visit the Society website.